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Research Articles
Bacterial Community Structure and Function Shift in Rhizosphere Soil of Tobacco Plants Infected by Meloidogyne incognita
Wenjie Tong, Junying Li, Wenfeng Cong et al.
Plant Pathol J. 2022;38(6):583-592.   Published online December 1, 2022
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Occurrence of the Root-Knot Nematode species in Vegetable Crops in Souss Region of Morocco
Soukaina Janati, Abdellah Houari, Ahmed Wifaya et al.
Plant Pathol J. 2018;34(4):308-315.   Published online August 1, 2018
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Biocontrol Efficacy of Formulated Pseudomonas chlororaphis O6 against Plant Diseases and Root-Knot Nematodes
Hyo Song Nam, Anne J. Anderson, Young Cheol Kim
Plant Pathol J. 2018;34(3):241-249.   Published online June 1, 2018
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Research Articles
Hydrogen Cyanide Produced by Pseudomonas chlororaphis O6 Exhibits Nematicidal Activity against Meloidogyne hapla
Beom Ryong Kang, Anne J. Anderson, Young Cheol Kim
Plant Pathol J. 2018;34(1):35-43.   Published online February 1, 2018
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Potential Reasons for Prevalence of Fusarium Wilt in Oriental Melon in Korea
Yunhee Seo, Young Ho Kim
Plant Pathol J. 2017;33(3):249-263.   Published online June 1, 2017
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Research Notes : Plant-parasitic Nematodes Associated with Commercial Orchards of Passion Fruit and Adjacent Cerrado Vegetation in the Brazilian Federal District
Ana Paula Gomes De Castro, Alexandre Moura Cintra Goulart, Ednalva Patricia De Andrade, Juvenil Enrique Cares, Daniel Diego Costa Carvalho
Plant Pathol J. 2012;28(3):306-310.   Published online September 30, 2012
Molecular Biological Diagnosis of Meloidogyne Species Occurring in Korea
Hyung Keun Oh, Chang Hwan Bae, Man Il Kim et al.
Plant Pathol J. 2009;25(3):247-255.   Published online September 30, 2009
Development of Meloidogyne arenaria on Oriental Melon (Cucumis melo L.) in Relation to Degree-day Accumulation Under Greenhouse Conditions
Dong Geun Kim, Il Kwon Yeon
Plant Pathol J. 2001;17(3):159-163.   Published online June 30, 2001
Incidence,and Identification of Three Root-Knot Nematode species Occurring in the Medicinal Herbs
Jae Cheol Kim, Boo Sull Choi, So Deuk Park, Tak Kim, Zakaullah Khan
Plant Pathol J. 1998;14(6):603-605.   Published online December 31, 1998
Relationship of Root-Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita to Pathogenesis of Rhizictonia solani on Cucumber, Pepper, and Tomato
Ho Yul Choo, Sang Myeong Lee, Joon Bum Kim, Yeong Do Park
Plant Pathol J. 1990;6(3):409-411.   Published online September 30, 1990
Effects of Root-knot Nematodes, Meloidogyne hapla, M. incognita, M. arenaria and M. javanica on Growth and Yield of Tomato
J S Park, C H Kim, H J Cho, M G Jeoung
Plant Pathol J. 1987;3(3):164-167.   Published online September 30, 1987

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