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Induction of Systemic Resistance against Cucumber mosaic virus in Arabidopsis thaliana by Trichoderma asperellum SKT-1
Mohsen Mohamed Elsharkawy, Masafumi Shimizu, Hideki Takahashi, Kouichi Ozaki, Mitsuro Hyakumachi
Plant Pathol J. 2013;29(2):193-200.   Published online June 1, 2013
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Evaluation of Watermelon Germplasm for Resistance to Phytophthora Blight Caused by Phytophthora capsici
Min-Jeong Kim, Chang-Ki Shim, Yong-Ki Kim et al.
Plant Pathol J. 2013;29(1):87-92.   Published online March 1, 2013
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Research Notes : Host and Non-Host Disease Resistances of Kimchi Cabbage Against Different Xanthomonas campestris Pathovars
Young Hee Lee, Jeum Kyu Hong
Plant Pathol J. 2012;28(3):322-329.   Published online September 30, 2012
Mini-Reviews : Resistance to Viruses of Potato and their Vectors
Peter Palukaitis
Plant Pathol J. 2012;28(3):248-258.   Published online September 30, 2012
Research Articles : Evaluation and Verification of Barley Genotypes with Known Genes for Resistance to Barley yellow mosaic virus and Barley mild mosaic virus Under Field Conditions in South Korea
Hong Sik Kim, Seong Bum Baek, Dea Wook Kim, Jong Jin Hwang, Si Ju Kim
Plant Pathol J. 2011;27(4):324-332.   Published online December 31, 2011
Identification and Transcriptional Analysis of Priming Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana Induced by Root Colonization with Pseudomonas chlororaphis O6
Song Mi Cho, Ju Yeon Park, Song Hee Han et al.
Plant Pathol J. 2011;27(3):272-279.   Published online September 30, 2011
Suppression of UDP-glycosyltransferase-coding Arabidopsis thaliana UGT74E2 Gene Expression Leads to Increased Resistance to Psuedomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 Infection
Hyo Jun Park, Chang Seob Kwon, Joo Yong Woo, Gil Je Lee, Young Jin Kim, Kyung Hee Paek
Plant Pathol J. 2011;27(2):170-182.   Published online June 30, 2011
Aggressiveness in Plasmopara halstedii (sunflower downy mildew)
Nachaat Sakr
Plant Pathol J. 2011;27(2):110-115.   Published online June 30, 2011
Ultrastructural Study on Induced Resistance of Cucumber Plants against Sphaerotheca fuliginea by Oligochitosan
Qing Ma, Xiao Ming Zhao, Hui Sun, Hong Sheng Shang
Plant Pathol J. 2011;27(1):8-13.   Published online March 31, 2011
Greenhouse Method for Assessing Spot Blotch Resistance in Barley
Mohammad Imad Eddin Arabi, Mohammad Jawhar
Plant Pathol J. 2010;26(4):421-423.   Published online December 31, 2010
Evaluation on Red Pepper Germplasm lines (Capsicum spp.) for Resistance to Anthracnose Caused by Colletotrichum acutaum
Jeong Soon Kim, Hyeong Jin Jee, Jae Gyun Gwag, Chung Kon Kim, Chang Ki Shim
Plant Pathol J. 2010;26(3):273-279.   Published online September 30, 2010
Pathogenic Groups Identified Among Isolates of Rhynchosporium secalis
Mohammad Imad Eddin Arabi, Eyad Al Shehadah, Mohammad Jawhar
Plant Pathol J. 2010;26(3):260-263.   Published online September 30, 2010
Differential Subcellular Responses in Resistance Soybeans Infected with Soybean Cyst Nematode Races
Young Ho Kim, Kyung Soo Kim, Robert D. Riggs
Plant Pathol J. 2010;26(2):154-158.   Published online June 30, 2010

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