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Construction of an Agroinfectious Clone of a Korean Isolate of Sweet Potato Symptomless Virus 1 and Comparison of Its Infectivity According to Agrobacterium tumefaciens Strains in Nicotiana benthamiana
Phuong T. Ho, Hee-Seong Byun, Thuy T. B. Vo, Aamir Lal, Sukchan Lee, Eui-Joon Kil
Plant Pathol J. 2023;39(3):255-264.   Published online June 1, 2023
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Symptomatology of Citrus mosaic sadwavirus (CiMV) in Some Citrus Cultivars and Effect of CiMV Infection on Citrus Fruit Quality
Jae Wook Hyun, Rok Yeon Hwang, Cheol Woo Choi, Kyung Eun Jung, Seung Gab Han
Plant Pathol J. 2020;36(1):106-110.   Published online February 1, 2020
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Physical Changes in Satsuma Mandarin Leaf after Infection of Elsinoë fawcettii Causing Citrus Scab Disease
Dilli Prasad Paudyal, Jae-Wook Hyun
Plant Pathol J. 2015;31(4):421-427.   Published online December 30, 2015
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Research Articles
Characterization of Melon necrotic spot virus Occurring on Watermelon in Korea
Hae-Ryun Kwak, Jeong-Soo Kim, Jeom-Deog Cho et al.
Plant Pathol J. 2015;31(4):379-387.   Published online December 30, 2015
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Effects of Temperature on Systemic Infection and Symptom Expression of Turnip mosaic virus in Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris)
Bong Nam Chung, Kyung San Choi, Jeong Joon Ahn, Jae Ho Joa, Ki Seck Do, Kyo-Sun Park
Plant Pathol J. 2015;31(4):363-370.   Published online December 30, 2015
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Pseudorecombination between Two Distinct Strains of Cucumber mosaic virus Results in Enhancement of Symptom Severity
Mi Sa Vo Phan, Jang-Kyun Seo, Hong-Soo Choi, Su-Heon Lee, Kook-Hyung Kim
Plant Pathol J. 2014;30(3):316-322.   Published online September 1, 2014
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Research Notes : Characterization of a Novel Cucumber mosaic virus Isolated from Petunia hybrida
Kyung Sook Han, Gug Seoun Choi, Bong Nam Chung et al.
Plant Pathol J. 2012;28(3):299-305.   Published online September 30, 2012
Occurrence of Stunt Nematode, Tylenchorhynchus claytoni on Turfgrass in Korea
Zakaullah Khan, Jeong Ho Kim, Seon Hye Son, Sang Gyu Kim, Young Ho Kim
Plant Pathol J. 2008;24(4):474-477.   Published online December 31, 2008
Differential Structural Responses of Ginseng Root Tissues to Different Initial Inoculum Levels of Paenibacillus polymyxa GBR-1
Yong Ho Jeon, Young Ho Kim
Plant Pathol J. 2008;24(3):352-356.   Published online September 30, 2008
First Report of a Foliar Nematode Aphelenchoides fragariae (Aphelenchidae) on Stachys riederi var. japonica, a Medicinal Plant, in Korea
Zakaullah Khan, Seon Hye Son, Hyeon Dong Shin, Young Ho Kim
Plant Pathol J. 2008;24(1):97-100.   Published online March 31, 2008
Outbreak of Cucumber mosaic virus and Tomato spotted wilt virus on Bell Pepper Grown in Jeonnam Province in Korea
Hye Yeon Mun, Mi Ri Park, Hyang Burm Lee, Kook Hyung Kim
Plant Pathol J. 2008;24(1):93-96.   Published online March 31, 2008
Variation in the Pathogenicity of Lily Isolates of Cucumber mosaic virus
Jin A Lee, Seung Kook Choi, Ju Yeon Yoon et al.
Plant Pathol J. 2007;23(4):251-259.   Published online December 31, 2007
Response of Commercial Cotton Cultivars to Fusarium solani
Kamel A. Abd Elsalam, Moawad R. Omar, Abdel Rheem El Samawaty, Aly A. Aly
Plant Pathol J. 2007;23(2):62-69.   Published online June 30, 2007

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