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Research Articles
Colony Age of Trichoderma azevedoi Alters the Profile of Volatile Organic Compounds and Ability to Suppress Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in Bean Plants
Lincon Rafael da Silva, Leonardo Luís de Barros Rodrigues, Amanda Silva Botelho et al.
Plant Pathol J. 2023;39(1):39-51.   Published online February 1, 2023
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Chemical Fungicides and Bacillus siamensis H30-3 against Fungal and Oomycete Pathogens Causing Soil-Borne Strawberry Diseases
Bo Reen Park, Hyun Jin Son, Jong Hyeob Park et al.
Plant Pathol J. 2021;37(1):79-85.   Published online February 1, 2021
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Roles of Fungal Volatiles from Perspective of Distinct Lifestyles in Filamentous Fungi
Mohamed El-Agamy Farh, Junhyun Jeon
Plant Pathol J. 2020;36(3):193-203.   Published online June 1, 2020
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Biogenic Volatile Compounds for Plant Disease Diagnosis and Health Improvement
Rouhallah Sharifi, Choong-Min Ryu
Plant Pathol J. 2018;34(6):459-469.   Published online December 1, 2018
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Research Articles
Differential Inhibitory Activities of Four Plant Essential Oils on In Vitro Growth of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. fragariae Causing Fusarium Wilt in Strawberry Plants
Jin Young Park, Su Hyeon Kim, Na Hee Kim, Sang Woo Lee, Yong-Chull Jeun, Jeum Kyu Hong
Plant Pathol J. 2017;33(6):582-588.   Published online December 1, 2017
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Application of Volatile Antifungal Plant Essential Oils for Controlling Pepper Fruit Anthracnose by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides
Jeum Kyu Hong, Hye Ji Yang, Heesoo Jung, Dong June Yoon, Mee Kyung Sang, Yong-Chull Jeun
Plant Pathol J. 2015;31(3):269-277.   Published online September 30, 2015
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Research Articles
Nitric Oxide and Hydrogen Peroxide Production are Involved in Systemic Drought Tolerance Induced by 2R,3R-Butanediol in Arabidopsis thaliana
Song-Mi Cho, Yong Hwan Kim, Anne J. Anderson, Young Cheol Kim
Plant Pathol J. 2013;29(4):427-434.   Published online December 1, 2013
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In vitro Biofumigation of Brassica Tissues Against Potato Stem Rot Caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
Mohammad Reza Ojaghian,, Heng Jiang, Guan Lin Xie, Zhou Qi Cui, Jing Ze Zhang, Bin Li
Plant Pathol J. 2012;28(2):185-190.   Published online June 30, 2012
Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Properties of Secondary Metabolites from White Rose Flower
Seong Soo Joo, Yun Bae Kim, Do Ik Lee
Plant Pathol J. 2010;26(1):57-62.   Published online March 31, 2010
Invisible Signals from the Underground: Bacterial Volatiles Elicit Plant GrowthPromotion and Induce Systemic Resistance
Choong Min Ryu, Mohammed A. Farag, Paul. W. Pare, Joseph W. Kloepper
Plant Pathol J. 2005;21(1):7-12.   Published online March 31, 2005
Biological Control of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum Causing Cucumber Wilt by Gliocladium virens and Trichoderma harzianum
Chong Taik Cho, Byung Ju Moon, Sang Young Ha
Plant Pathol J. 1989;5(3):239-249.   Published online September 30, 1989
Studies on Antagonism of Trichoderma Species to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. fragariae 1. Isolation, Identification and Antagonistic Properties of Trichoderma Species
Byung Ju Moon, Hoo Sup Chung, Chong Taik Cho
Plant Pathol J. 1988;4(2):111-123.   Published online June 30, 1988

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