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Volume 17(5); Oct 2001
Mini Review : Occurrence of Two Tobamovirus Diseases in Cucurbits and Control Measures in Korea
Gug Seoun Choi
Plant Pathol J. 2001;17(5):243-248.   Published online October 31, 2001
Effect of GlycinecinA on the Control of Bacterial Leaf Spot of Red Pepper and Bacterial Leaf Blight of Rice
Yong Ho Jeon, Moon Jae Cho, Yong Sup Cho, In Gyu Hwang
Plant Pathol J. 2001;17(5):249-256.   Published online October 31, 2001
Potential Biological Control of Orobanche by Fungi Isolated from Diseased Specimens in Jordan
K. M. Hameed, I. M. Saadoun, Zaineb Al Shyab
Plant Pathol J. 2001;17(5):257-263.   Published online October 31, 2001
Control of Late Leaf Spot of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) by Extracts from Non-Host Plant Species
G. Krishna Kishore, S. Pande, J. Narayana Rao
Plant Pathol J. 2001;17(5):264-270.   Published online October 31, 2001
Histological Detection of Phytoalexin Scoparone from Heat-Treated and UV-Illuminated Lemon Fruits After Inoculation with Penicillium digitatum
Jong Jin Kim, Shimshon Ben Yehoshua
Plant Pathol J. 2001;17(5):271-275.   Published online October 31, 2001
Mating Behavior, Mycotoxin Production, and Vegetative Compatibility of Gibberella fujikuroi Species Complex from Sorghum in Korea
Sun Hee Lim, Sung Hwan Yun, Yin Won Lee
Plant Pathol J. 2001;17(5):276-280.   Published online October 31, 2001
Populating Genetic Analysis of Gibberella fujikuroi Isolates from Maize in Korea
Sook Young Park, Jeong Ah Seo, Yin Won Lee, Yong Hwan Lee
Plant Pathol J. 2001;17(5):281-289.   Published online October 31, 2001
Crown and Root Rot of Greenhouse Tomato Caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. radicis-Lycopersici in Korea
Jong Tae Kim, In Hee Park, Young Il Hahm, Seung Hun Yu
Plant Pathol J. 2001;17(5):290-294.   Published online October 31, 2001
Changes in Phytoplasma Densities in Witches` Broom-Infected Jujube Tress over Seasons
Jae Choon Yi, Tae Heon Lim, Byeong Jin Cha
Plant Pathol J. 2001;17(5):293-297.   Published online October 31, 2001
Occurrence of Apple scar skin viroid-Korean strain (ASSVd-K) in Apples Cultivated in Korea
Ju Hee Lee, Jean Kyung Park, Dong Hyuk Lee, Jae Youl Uhm, Sa Youl Ghim, Jai Youl Lee
Plant Pathol J. 2001;17(5):300-304.   Published online October 31, 2001
Gray Mold of Day Lily (Hemerocallis fulva L.) Caused by Botrytis elliptica in Korea
Seog Won Chang, Sung Kee Kim, Byung Kook Hwang
Plant Pathol J. 2001;17(5):305-307.   Published online October 31, 2001
Downy Mildew of Astragalus membranaceous Burge Caused by Peronospora trifoliorum de Bary
Kyoung Yul Ryu, Jeom Soon Kim, Young Il Hahm
Plant Pathol J. 2001;17(5):308-310.   Published online October 31, 2001
Severe Root Rot on Hydroponically-Grown Lettuce Caused by Phytophthora drechsleri
Hyeong Jin Jee, Ki Woong Nam, Weon Dae Cho
Plant Pathol J. 2001;17(5):311-314.   Published online October 31, 2001

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