The Plant Pathology Journal 2003;19(3):171-176.
Published online June 30, 2003.
Complete Genome Sequences of the Genomic RNA of Soybean mosaic virus Stranins G7H and G5
Won Seok Lim, Yul Ho Kim, Kook Hyung Kim
The complete nucleotide sequences of the genomic RNAs of Soybean mosaic virus strains G5 (SMV-G5) and G7H (SMV-G7H) were determined and compared with sequences of other SMV strains. Each viral RNA was determined to be 9588 nucleotides in length excluding the poly (A) tail and contained an open reading frame to encode a polyprotein subsequently processed into up to ten proteins by proteolytic cleavage. Comparison of the amino acid sequences with those of other SMV strains showed high percentage of amino acid sequence homology with the same genome organization. The nucleotide and the deduced amino acid sequences between SMV-G5 and SMV-G7H were greater than 99% identity. When compared with those of other SMV strains in a phylogenetic analysis of the nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences, they formed a distinct virus clade showing over 97% amino acid identity, but were more distantly related to the other potyvirus (44.1-69.6% identity). Interestingly, SMV G7H strain caused a severe mosaic or necrosis symptom in soybean cultivars including Jinpum-1, Jinpum-2, and Sodam, whereas, no symptom was observed in SMV-G5 inoculation. Complete nucleotide sequences of these strains will give clues for determining symptom determinant(s) in future research.
Key Words: SMV, strains G5 and G7H, genome sequence, phylogeny

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