Plant Pathol J > Volume 21(1); 2005 > Article
The Plant Pathology Journal 2005;21(1):47-54.
DOI:    Published online March 31, 2005.
Identification of Glycine max Genes Expressed in Response to Soybean mosaic virus Infection
Rae Dong Jeong, Won Seok Lim, Sang Wook Kwon, Kook Hyung Kim
Identification of host genes involved in disease progresses and/or defense responses is one of the most critical steps leading to the elucidation of disease resistance mechanisms in plants. Soybean mosaic virus (SMV) is one of the most prevalent pathogen of soybean(Glycine max). Although the soybeans are placed one of many important crops, relatively little is known about defense mechanism. In order to obtain host genes involved in SMV disease progress and host defense especially for virus resistance, two different cloning strategies (DD RT-PCR and Subtractive hybridization) were employed to identify pathogenesis- and defenserelated genes (PRs and DRs) from susceptible (Geumjeong 1) and resistant (Geumjeong 2) cultivars against SMV strain G7H. Using these approaches, we obtained 570 genes that expressed differentially during SMV infection processes. Based upon sequence analyses,differentially expressed host genes were classified into five groups, i.e. metabolism, genetic information processing, environmental information processing, cellular processes and unclassified group. A total of 11 differentially expressed genes including protein kinase, transcription factor, other potential signaling components and resistant-like gene involved in host defense response were selected to further characterize and determine expression profiles of each selected gene. Functional characterization of these genes will likely facilitate the elucidation of defense signal transduction and biological function in SMV-infected soybean plants.
Key Words: defense, differential expression, EST analysis, pathogenesis, SMV

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