Plant Pathol J > Volume 21(4); 2005 > Article
The Plant Pathology Journal 2005;21(4):343-348.
DOI:    Published online December 31, 2005.
RT-PCR Detection of dsRNA Mycoviruses Infecting Pleurotus ostreatus and Agaricus blazei Murrill
Yu Jeong Kim, Sang Ho Park, Se Won Yie, Kook Hyung Kim
The partial nucleotide sequences of the genomic dsRNA mycoviruses infecting Pleurotus ostreatus (isolates ASI2596, ASI2597, and Bupyungbokhoe) and Agaricus blazei Murrill were determined and compared with those of the other dsRNA mycoviruses. Partial nucleotide sequences of the purified dsRNA from ASI2596 and ASI2597 revealed RNA-dependent RNA polymerase sequences that are closely related to Oyster mushroom isometric virus 2, while nucleotide sequences and the deduced amino acid sequence from dsRNA mycovirus infecting Agaricus blazei did not show any significant homology to the other dsRNA mycoviruses. Specific primers were designed for RT-PCR detection of these dsRNA viruses and were found to specifically detect each dsRNA virus. Northern blot analysis confirmed the homogeneity of RT-PCR products to each purified dsRNA. Altogether, our results suggest that these virus-specific primer sets can be employed for the specific detection of each dsRNA mycovirus in infected mushrooms.
Key Words: Agaricus blazei, dsRNA mycovirus, Pleurotus ostreatus, RT-PCR detection

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