The Plant Pathology Journal 2007;23(4):281-286.
Published online December 31, 2007.
Interaction Study of Soybean mosaic virus Proteins with Soybean Proteins usingthe Yeast-Two Hybrid System
Jang Kyun Seo, Sung Hyun Hwang, Sung Hwan Kang, Hong Soo Choi, Su Heon Lee, Seong Han Sohn, Kook Hyung Kim
Interactions between viral proteins and host proteins are essential for virus replication. Especially, translation of viral genes completely depends on the host machinery. In potyviruses, interactions of genome-linked viral protein (VPg) with host translation factors including eIF4E, eIF(iso)4E, and poly(A)-binding protein (PABP) has previously been characterized. In this study, we investigated interactions between Soybean mosaic virus (SMV) viral proteins and host translation factors by yeast two-hybrid system. SMV VPg interacted with eIF4E, eIF(iso)4E, and PABP in yeast two-hybrid system, while SMV helper component proteinase (HCpro) interacted with neither of those proteins. The interaction between SMV NIb and PABP was also detected. These results are consistent with those reported previously in other potyviruses. Interestingly, we found reproducible and specific interactions between SMV coat protein (CP) and PABP. Deletion analysis showed that the region of CP comprising amino acids 116 to 206 and the region of PABP comprising amino acids 520 to 580 are involved in CP/PABP interactions. Soybean library screening with SMV NIb by yeast twohybrid assay also identified several soybean proteins including chlorophyll a/b binding preprotein, photosystem I-N subunit, ribulose 1,5-biphosphate carboxylase, ST-LS1 protein, translation initiation factor 1, TIRNBS type R protein, RNA binding protein, ubiquitin, and LRR protein kinase. Altogether, these results suggest that potyviral replicase may comprise a multiprotein complex with PABP, CP, and other host factors.
Key Words: replication, SMV, soybean proteins, virus-host interactions
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