The Plant Pathology Journal 2009;25(2):193-198.
Published online June 30, 2009.
Ectopic Expression of Wild Rice OgGRP Gene Encoding a Glycine Rich Cell Wall Protein Confers Resistance to Botrytis cinerea Pathogen on Arabidopsis
Eun Hee Jeon, Eun Sook Chung, Hye Young Lee, Jung Hun Pak, Hye Jeong Kim, Jai Heon Lee, Byung Ju Moon, Ji Ung Jeung, Sang Hyun Shin, Young Soo Chung
A full-length cDNA of OgGRP gene encoding a glycinerich cell wall protein was isolated from wild rice (Oryza grandiglumis). Deduced amino acid sequences of OgGRP are composed of 148 amino acids (16.3 kDa), and show 85.9% homology with Osgrp-2 (Oryza sativa). RT-PCR analysis showed that RNA expression of OgGRP was regulated by defense-related signaling chemicals, such as cantharidin, endothall, jasmonic acid, wounding, or yeast extract treatment. In relation to pathogen stress, the function of OgGRP was analyzed in OgGRP overexpressing Arabidopsis thaliana. Overexpression of OgGRP in Arabidopsis contributed to moderate resistance against fungal pathogen, Botrytis cinerea, by lowering disease rate and necrosis size. In the analysis of the transgenic Arabidopsis lines to check the change of gene expression profile, induction of PR1, PR5 and PDF1.2 was confirmed. The induction seemed to be caused by the interaction of ectopic expression of OgGRP with SAand JA-dependent signaling pathways.
Key Words: Botrytis cinerea, glycine-rich cell wall protein, Oryza grandiglumis, resistance, wild rice

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