The Plant Pathology Journal 2009;25(4):352-360.
Published online December 31, 2009.
Direct Antimicrobial Activity and Induction of Systemic Resistance in Potato Plants Against Bacterial Wilt Disease by Plant Extracts
M. A. E. Hassan, M. F. F. Bereika, H. I. G. Abo Elnaga, M. A. A. Sallam
The potential of three plants extracts, to protect potato plants against bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum was determined under greenhouse and field conditions. All soil drenching treatments of aqueous plant extracts of Hibsicus sabdariffa, Punica granatum and Eucalyptus globulus significantly reduced the disease severity compared with inoculated control. Although the applications of all three plant extracts resulted in similar reductions of disease severity in field up 63.23 to 68.39%, treatment of E. globulus leaf extract was found greater in restricting the symptom development than other the two plant extracts in the greenhouse. More than 94% reduction in the bacterial wilt symptom was observed in potato plants. All tested plant extracts were effective in inhibiting the growth of bacterial pathogen, not only in vitro, but also in stem of potato plants as compared with the inoculated control. Potato plants treated with extract of H. sabdariffa reduced bacterial growth more effectively than treatment with P. granatum and E. globulus. Activity of defence-related enzymes, including peroxidase, polyphenoloxidase and phenylalanine ammonia lyase, were significantly increased in plants treated with the plant extracts compared to the control during the experimental period. In general, the higher enzymes activities were determined in both inoculated and non-inoculated treated potato plants after 8 days from plant extracts treatment. These results suggested that these plant extracts may be play an important role in controlling the potato bacterial wilt disease, through they have antimicrobial activity and induction of systemic resistance in potato plants.
Key Words: Enzymes activities, Eucalyptus globulus, Hibsicus sabdariffa, Potato plants, Punica granatum

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