The Plant Pathology Journal 2009;25(4):422-428.
Published online December 31, 2009.
Field Evaluation of Mungbean Recombinant Inbred Lines against Mungbean Yellow Mosaic Disease Using New Disease Scale in Thailand
Khalid P. Akhtar, R. Kitsanachandee, P. Srinives, G. Abbas, M. J. Asghar, T. M. Shah, B. M. Atta, O. Chatchawankanphanich, G. Sarwar, M. Ahmad, N. Sarwar
Studies were conducted to identify the sources of resistance in mungbean recombinant inbred lines (RILs) in Thailand against mungbean yellow mosaic disease (MYMD). 146 mungbean RILs in F8 series were evaluated in a field including resistant parent NM-10- 12-1 and susceptible parent KPS 2 during summer 2008 under high inoculum pressure. The RILs were subsequently scored for disease symptom severity ratings (DSSR) using a new scale. Observations regarding DSSR and % disease index (%DI) showed that the tested RILs responded differently to the disease. A large number of RILs (132) were found highly susceptible, 12 were susceptible, 3 were tolerant and one was resistant. Overall screening results showed that three RILs, viz. line no. 30, 100 and 101 had minimum DSSR and % disease index thus they are good source of resistance to MYMD in spite of high disease pressure and can therefore be used directly as varieties to manage the disease in Thailand.
Key Words: Begomovirus, mungbean, natural infection, RILs, yellow mosaic, whitefly

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